Challenges for care facilities in Eastern Ukraine

Background of the project:

The German Government launched the Initiative of the Infrastructure Programme for Ukraine (IIPU) in 2015.

This programme supports towns and cities as well as municipalities in the eastern part of Ukraine dealing with the consequences of this conflict. Among other things GIZ is working to make public institutions in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya operational and able to provide better services to the population. Among such public institutions are care facilities which encompass an urgent need of trained personal and basic knowledge about various levels of care.

Main project features:

A learning/teaching video is designed and produced for care provision for bedridden patients. The content of the learning video is basic and easy to consume. The identification of the necessary content for the video takes place in close dialogue with Ukraine care experts who are part of a working group.

Activities performed:

  • Identified the necessary content for the video consequences in cooperation with the working group.
  • Went on missions to the Ukraine to visit care facilities and do analysis on the ground.
  • Conducted interviews with care takers within those care facilities to learn about their daily needs and stressors.
  • Transferred the findings of the mission and a short desk study into a care manual which includes international perspectives on quality standards for care facilities.
  • Adjusted the care manual to the findings of the working group and added more content if necessary
  • Helped with the video script and production process of the video