Integrated Perinatal Care Project, Uzbekistan

Year: 2020-2023

Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Project Description:

The Integrated Perinatal Care Project aligns with the first operational strategy of Asian Development Bank’s (ADB’s) Strategy 2030, which aims to achieve better health for all by improving the quality and coverage of government healthcare services and supporting to improve access to quality healthcare services.1

The transaction technical assistance (TRTA) will help the Government of Uzbekistan to (i) review the technical, economic and financial viability of the project and ascertain the project rationale, scope, cost, schedule, implementation arrangements, risks and mitigation measures; (ii) ensure compliance with ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement (2009) and identify mitigation measures and institutional strengthening; and (iii) assist the project executing agency and implementing agency undertake advance actions for the ensuing project.

Activities performed:

  • Elaborated a methodology & approach for a survey on the health seeking behaviors and factors informing health seeking behaviors for maternal health care in Uzbekistan.
  • Prepared a Summary Poverty Reduction and Social Strategy in accordance with ADB’s Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis (2012).
  • Conducted gender and social analysis.
  • Develop project-specific gender action plan (GAP) based on gender-analysis, including format for baseline data in view of the GAP, format for target-setting against the baseline, and format for monitoring the implementation of the GAP.