Strengthening of provincial health systems Vietnam

Project description:

In the course of the economic boom in Vietnam, the health sector has made impressive progress. However, there are still considerable differences between the regions of the country. The good national averages obscure deficits in the rural regions, where it remains difficult to gain access to needs-driven, evidence-based health services of reliable quality, especially for disadvantaged sections of the population, such as ethnic minorities, women and children. In addition, demographic developments and changing lifestyles are placing an extra burden on the health system.

Accidents, chronic illnesses and cardio-vascular diseases are some of the most frequent causes of death today. Medical facilities in rural areas cannot adequately screen for diseases such as cancer and vaccinate for Hepatitis B and there is an increasing need for modern diagnostic tools and treatments in general. This in turn poses enormous challenges for hospitals at the provincial and district level in particular.

Main project features:

The study was done to identify the main challenges for selected hospitals on the provincial level and to analyze how GIZ, in cooperation with KfW Development Bank, has tried to improve hospital management

Activities performed:

Conducted interviews with representatives of those hospitals which are part of the GIZ’s program. Interviewed representatives of the Ministry of Health, Vietnam. Published a final report on the stage of hospital management in the south of Vietnam.